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Notice for 9-9-18


Sealed bids for Boiler removal and replacement at Lawrence
County High School, located in Lawrence County, Tennessee
will be received until 10:00 A. M. local time, on Friday, September
21, 2018 at the Lawrence County Schools Central Office,700
Mahr Ave, Lawrenceburg, TN 38464 at which time and place
they will be publicly opened and read aloud.

All bidders must be licensed Contractors as required by the
Contractors Licensing Act of 1976, as currently amended.

A pre-bid meeting will be held 10:00 A. M. local time, Thursday,
September 13, 2018, at Lawrence County High School, 1500
Springer Road, Lawrenceburg, TN 38464.

Contact Larry Brown, Supervisor of Maintenance / Facilities,
for access to the buildings
Phone: 931-629-1502
Fax: 931-766-1919

Bids must be received or hand delivered by the date specified
for the bid opening and clearly marked as to the item bid upon.
The Lawrence County Board of Education reserves the right to
reject any or all bids, reject or accept any individual item when
more than one item is bid.

PO # 59975


The City of Ethridge (est. population

465) is seeking resumes for the position
of a part time/ full time Chief of Police
until September 17, 2018. Under the
executive direction of the City Manager,
the Chief of Police is responsible for
planning, directing, implementing, and
evaluating the activities of the Police
Department. Responsibilities include:
recruitment and selection of personnel,
succession planning, formulation of
policies and procedures, and preparation
of an annual budget. The starting pay will
be $14.00/hr.
If interested, please send resumes to
City of Ethridge P.O. Box 173 Ethridge TN

No phone calls please


The City of Ethridge (est. population 465)
is seeking resumes for the position of a
City Manager until September 17, 2018.
The employee is the administrative head
responsible for the daily operation of
the municipal government activities and
support services under the direction and
supervision of the City Commission. He/
she shall be appointed without regard
to political or religious beliefs, and need
not be a resident of the city, county
or state at the time of appointment.
Instructions to the employee are general
and the employee must routinely use
independent judgement and consider
different courses of action to effectively
and efficiently operate within policies
established by the City Commission.
The work requires frequent contact with
the City Commission, committees, all
department heads, other employees and
the public to coordinate and assure the
effective and efficient operation of the
municipal government. Starting pay will
be $500.00/month.

If interested, please send resumes to
City of Ethridge P.O. Box 173 Ethridge
TN 38456

No phone calls please.


“It is the duty of your Grand Jurors to investigate
any public offense which they know or have reason
to believe has been committed and which is triable
or indictable in this county. Any person having
knowledge or proof that such an offense has been
committed may apply to testify before the grand
jury subject to the provisions of Tennessee Code
Annotated 40-12-104. The foreman in this county
is presently: Mac Old.”

“The grand jury will next meet on the 27th day
of September, 2018. You may be prosecuted for
perjury for any oral or written statement which you
make under oath to the grand jury, when you know
the statement to be false, and when the statement
touches on a matter to the point in question.”

Special Notice
September 27, 2018 Meeting

Public Notice of Regular Meetings
of the Board of Utilities of the City of
Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

Notice is hereby given that the Board of
Public Utilities regular monthly meeting
is scheduled for September 27, 2018 at

5:00 pm. The Board meets each month
to discuss and handle all business
that pertains to the functions of the
Lawrenceburg Utility Systems, as may
be deemed necessary for the operation
of the Utility Systems.
The next scheduled Board meeting is
September 27, 2018 at 5:00 pm in the
Lawrenceburg Utility Systems Assembly
Room, 1607 North Locust Avenue,
Lawrenceburg, TN.

This notice is published in compliance
with the Sunshine Law of the State of

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