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Notice for 9-30-18

Request for Proposals: quest for Proposals:

The City of Lawrenceburg, TN is actively
pursuing the professional services
needed for the restoration and repair of
the David Crockett statue, located in the
Lawrenceburg, Tennessee square. The
statue is believed to be a bronze/bronze
alloy statue, approx. 6 feet tall and
attached to a concrete pedestal which
is an additional 6 feet tall. Repairs will
include, but not necessarily be limited
to repairing holes, repairing structural
defi ciencies, cleaning/polishing and
providing methods to reasonably prevent
future damages in the statue. The work
shall follow the Secretary of the Interior’s
Standards for Rehabilitation codified in
36 CFR 67 as interpreted by the State
of Tennessee. RFP packets may be
obtained at the Lawrenceburg Municipal
Complex; 25 Public Square. Responses
are due 10/26/18 by 4:00 p.m.

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