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Naudia Marie Sosa

Naudia Marie Sosa
We have lost a beautiful soul. Naudia Marie Sosa was 16 years old and full of life, laughter and love.
She is survived by her mother: Lynn Anderson Sosa; father: Emigdio Sosa; sister: Liliana Sosa; grandmother: Jacquline Anderson; grandfather: Kenneth Thomas; aunts: Misty Anderson and Beth Anderson; cousins: Quineton Anderson, Eriq Hicks and Gabriel Coleman; her animals/best friends: Gotti, Junior, Mr. Riggs, Daisy, Buster, Lola, and the “pigs”; and so many friends and loved ones we cannot begin to mention.
Services to celebrate the beautiful life of Naudia Marie Sosa will be held Saturday, March 6, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. at Centerpoint Baptist Church in Leoma, TN. There will be a memorial and a meal where the family hopes to hear the funny stories she brought into everyone’s lives.
Naudia was an old soul. In 2018 she wrote the following:
I am from a good life.
I am from animals,
From shoes scattered
To Scentsy wax splattered.
I am from bird houses built together
To making family memories last forever.
To building things
Like making swings
It was all a dream.
I am from a dad that will love me until the day I die,
But one day I had to say goodbye.
I am from walls that show me the past
Hoping life doesn’t go by fast.
I am from going through my closet
Seeing the past in bags
Loving that these memories will always last.
Going out my front door, there is so much to endure.
I am from skunks spraying to dogs playing,
Children running and everyone is happy
While the old man on the front porch is napping.
I am from a strong mother that cares for one another.
I am from the words of a goddess,
What she says is one thousand percent honest.
“Make good decisions, chin up, chest out,”
These are some of the words she speaks out.
I am from loving family dinners that last all winter.
From spaghetti Sundays to meatloaf Mondays.
I am from the best family all around
And they also have the best love in town.
Naudia Sosa
9th grade
Fly high beautiful girl, above all this madness.

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